Valtice Underground

In Valtice, half a kilometre of reconstructed 700-year old cellars have been opened to the public with the assistance of the wine makers of the Sedláček Vineyards of Valtice. Part of a tour of the Valtice Underground includes a museum dedicated to bricks and fossils. In addition to providing a place for holding social events, it is possible to view here a display of the best wines from the vineyards of Valtice.
The origins of the Valtice Underground date from 1289, in connection with the founding of a Minorite monastery. In many places, however, there has been considerable damage owing to both time and town infrastructure. This labyrinth of tunnels has now been rescued, particularly through the use of a unique component, the so-called Valtice strengthening arch. Other parts of the underground tunnels should be made available in years to come.

A speciality of the Valtice Underground are the Sklepiéři (cellar masters), specialists in the administering of wines in cellars with knowledge of the viticultural environment and the unique terroir of the vineyards (from French, meaning the total agricultural fitness of a specific terrain toward the cultivation of vines) and of the Lednice-Valtice region.
On offer, too, is the new Valtice range of wines christened Kolonáda Valtice.
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